Dear Mr. Jack Dorsey, I often wonder what motivates extremely successful people like you. I wonder what inspired you to start and build your business into the highly influential world player that it is today, and I wonder what keeps you there. I imagine that some part of your motivation is attributable merely to the […]

If, like me, you can’t find any better words to describe your politics than “liberal,” “progressive,” and “left-leaning,” then, practically, you can find many international, national, and local groups and individuals who have been doing work for years on the issues we’ve been caring about in name only during Democratic, and also Republican, presidents. I won’t go […]

A few days ago, I saw a man reading verse to the roses, or the soil next to the roses, on the west side of the lake. * Last week, while returning Homage to Catalonia at the Lakeview book drop, I said “Good morning” to the man sitting on the steps leading up to the library doors. He answered, “Gooood […]

I dreamed that an eagle was being chased by another bird above some dim mountainous landscape. The other bird had no physical shape in my mind’s eye, only an attitude and a premise: spite and a calculus of the accumulation of inflicted pain as a kind of wealth. It flew after the eagle with the sole […]

Please know that on September 24 this year, people gathered in downtown Oakland to protest the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina. Please know these protesters were each blood-pumping breathers, a body of living bodies crying for the threatened and dead covered or formerly covered in brown and black skins. (There are few unfraught verbs […]

The awning across the street is being worked by the wind like the upper lip of an Audrey II puppet, and I’m feeling free-floating sadness. The original “realistic” object of my sadness is the fuzzy semiprofessional friendships that are characteristic of my pre-midlife, the attempts to connect that lead down blind alleys, the unkept promises of others […]

I can thank my recent case of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus for causing me to resume reading Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. Now that I can walk again, I’m making a routine of reading from the book as I complete a pass of Lake Merritt. Dodging geese, goose poop, and other circuiteerers, I read Zinn’s selection of source texts—quoting workers, […]