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Monday, April 17 to Wednesday, May 11, 2017

“You hear that?” I asked Jorrit as we basked at our Beals Point campsite after breakfast. “That’s the sound of industry and birdsong.” Somewhere a utility vehicle’s back-up beeper was sounding off. The traffic on Auburn-Folsom thrummed, the mean hum lumped only by the whine of speeders and the volcanic farts of beaters and motorcycles. And the birds spoke […]

On Feeling Bad

The drama of my first real love, who is also my love now, is almost epic, with hungry trysts and horrible rows in Berkeley, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Nashville, Groningen, Utrecht, Seoul, Paris, London, Stockholm, the wet borderland two-thirds way down Sweden and Norway, Californian deserts and forests and coastal trails and towns. But I won’t go […]

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 to Saturday, February 18, 2017

“My liberation is your liberation and your liberation is my liberation and my liberation is your liberation […]” —Protest chant “But I still believe that the unexamined life is not worth living: and I know that self-delusion, in the service of no matter what small or lofty cause, is a price no writer can afford. His […]

An Open Letter to Jack Dorsey

Dear Mr. Jack Dorsey, I often wonder what motivates extremely successful people like you. I wonder what inspired you to start and build your business into the highly influential world player that it is today, and I wonder what keeps you there. I imagine that some part of your motivation is attributable merely to the […]

What to Do

If, like me, you can’t find any better words to describe your politics than “liberal,” “progressive,” and “left-leaning,” then, practically, you can find many international, national, and local groups and individuals who have been doing work for years on the issues we’ve been caring about in name only during Democratic, and also Republican, presidents. I won’t go […]

People and a Dream, Recently

A few days ago, I saw a man reading verse to the roses, or the soil next to the roses, on the west side of the lake. * Last week, while returning Homage to Catalonia at the Lakeview book drop, I said “Good morning” to the man sitting on the steps leading up to the library doors. He answered, “Gooood […]

A Dream

I dreamed that an eagle was being chased by another bird above some dim mountainous landscape. The other bird had no physical shape in my mind’s eye, only an attitude and a premise: spite and a calculus of the accumulation of inflicted pain as a kind of wealth. It flew after the eagle with the sole […]