Monthly Archives: March 2013

A Reconstituting Deconstruction: Richmond and Annesas Appel’s Notebook

This February, we pedaled ourselves out to the CODEX 2013 International Book Fair at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, California. I was reluctant at first to make the trek, but the fourteen-mile ride from Oakland to Richmond ended up being really enriching. We’d never biked on the Bay Trail all the way to the old […]

Visual Instruments: Oskar Fischinger at EYE

During our last trip to the Netherlands, my Dutch parents-in-law took us to the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam. Across the IJ (\ˈī\) from Amsterdam Centraal, EYE seems to sit on the former bay like a heavy geometricized cloud, stretched out from its base at a diagonal as though concrete could be poured into a […]